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Our travel guide can provide you with additional tourism information to complete your Vacation Travel Plans.

The directory includes information on Belize Resort Hotels, Belize Vacation Rentals & Villas, and other accommodations including travel information about visitor attractions, dining and restaurants, events, tours, transportation, real estate, shopping and more.

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Activities & Tours

Belize City
Belize Tourism Board
P.O. Box 325
Belize City
Tel: 011-501-223-1913   Fax: 011-501-223-1943
Belize Trips
P.O. Box 1108
Belize City
Tel: 011-501-223-0376   Fax: 011-501-610-1923
Hugh Parkey's Belize Dolphin Experience
PO Box 1818
Belize City
Tel: 501-223-4526/ 223-5086   Fax: 501-223-7874
Jaguar Adventure Tours
P.O. Box 3
Belize City
Tel: (011)501-223-6025   Fax: (011)501-223-7874
Hopkins Village
Palmento Grove Hopkins - Cultural Immersions
Northwest Lagoon Side
Hopkins Village
Tel: 501-636-3247
San Ignacio
Belize Eco Tours
Maya Vista
San Ignacio
Tel: 011 501 824-4290   Fax: 011 501 824-4290
Belizean Sun Adventure Tours & Travel
P.O. Box 180
San Ignacio
Tel: 501-601-2630   Fax: 501-601-2630
Birding in Belize Paradise Expeditions
P.O. Box 126
San Ignacio
Tel: 501-824-2772   Fax: 501-824-2772
Cayo Adventure Tours
P.O. Box 88
San Ignacio
Tel: 501-824-3246
Maya Mountain Lodge & Tours
P.O. Box 174
San Ignacio
Tel: 011-501-824-2164   Fax: 011-501-824-2029
Stann Creek
Calico Jack's Village
North Maya Beach
Stann Creek
Tel: (011) 501-520-8103

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